Pleasure Lake Retreat Rules & Policies:

**Note** Violation of these rules may result in being asked to leave the grounds and barred from returning to the premises. 

  1. You MUST be 21 years of age or older to enter the premises.
  2. Everyone must register at the office upon entering the premises. Registration includes, but is not limited to, acknowledgement and signature of the rules & policies, along with a valid Photo ID. 
  3. Visitors of members are visitors of Pleasure Lake Retreat and must comply with these same visitor rules & policies.
  4. Keep vehicles on roadways, not on the grass. This includes golf carts. All vehicles must be operational. No non-working vehicle or equipment shall be stored on the resort.
  5. The speed limit while on the resort roads is no more than 20 mph.
  6. No guns or weapons of any type are allowed on the premises. 
  7. Drugs are a no-no, we have a zero-tolerance policy in effect here. 
  8. Campfires are allowed only once your campfire site has been approved by management. Active fires must be monitored at all times. Put it out before you leave the campfire. 
  9. No drama; No trouble; Respect each other. NO MEANS NO! 
  10. Confidentiality of all members, guests, staff and ownership is mandatory, unless individuals give express permission to the contrary. This includes any witnessed behaviors on site.
  11. Before any photos are taken on premises, all individuals depicted in photos must give prior permission. Absolutely NO photos in the bunkhouse. Any permission given for photos does not automatically imply consent for distribution.
  12. NO PROSTITUTION! Solicitation of prostitution is as simple as a verbal act of one person communicating to another that they wish sexual favor to occur for hire, even joking around can be misconstrued as solicitation for prostitution. Joking around about prostitution or acts that may constitute prostitution will result in your removal from the grounds and your membership revoked. There is ZERO tolerance here. 
  13. Single males during clubhouse parties must sit at the bar until invited to join another guest or member at their table.
  14. Clothing is optional, how much or how little you wear is up to you. Swim wear is allowed in the pool. You must shower before entering the pool for the health and safety of all.
  15. Pool rules must be strictly adhered to and are posted by the pool area. Use is at your own risk, no lifeguard is present. 
  16. No sexual activity of any form in the pool. Sexual acts must be kept in the bunkhouse, your private campers, RV or tents. Sexual acts and activity includes any action that could exchange or cause an expulsion of bodily fluids. Keep in mind that everyone needs to be able to enjoy the common areas.
  17. No glass containers are permitted in the pool, nor on the pool deck, unless encased in a protective device such as a bottle wrap, koozie, cooler, cooler bag, etc.
  18. For sanitary purposes, no bare bottoms on any resort furniture. Please place a towel or other covering over furniture before sitting while nude.
  19. No smoking is allowed in any building, or pool. Dispose of cigarette butts in approved containers, such as ashtrays which should then be dumped in the trash, not on the grounds. 
  20. No pets are allowed in any building or the pool area. Pets must be on a leash when outdoors. Owners of pets are required to pick up poop or you will be asked not to bring your pet back on premises.
  21. All garbage should be placed in approved areas, such as the dumpster and trash cans. All sewage and gray water must be dumped in approved disposals. 
  22. Members and guests can connect by bluetooth to the resort’s sound system to play music as desired during the daytime in the clubhouse and poolside. Please be respectful of all guests and members and take turns playing varying music at reasonable volumes.
  23. Members and guests are NOT permitted in the DJ booth. Please respect all posted signage for employee only areas.
  24. As we are a BYOB establishment, please keep in mind your personal alcohol tolerance levels. Excessive drunkenness that leads to offensive behavior could result in being asked to return to your dwelling for the night and possibly being asked to check out and leave the premises first thing the next morning, regardless of longer registrations.
  25. You are responsible for any damage you may cause to any part of the premises, including water, electrical, sewers, communal buildings and lot sites.
  26. Check-out time is 12 PM. The late checkout fee is $20.00 up to 4 PM, after which time you will be charged a daily fee of $40.00.
  27. A $25.00 charge will apply to all returned checks.
  28. If upon your arrival, Pleasure Lake Retreat is filled to capacity, you will not be allowed to enter. This includes members as well as visitors and is not grounds for a refund of membership fees. 
  29. Before considering membership here you should ask management any questions or concerns you might have about this retreat, and what takes place here. You should understand all the rules and regulations, and you must approve. 

All visitors and members agree to hold harmless the owners and their employees of any bodily injury, dismemberment, or death that may be sustained while on this property. You agree to hold harmless the owners, management, and their employees for any damage sustained to your vehicle, camper, RV, or personal property whether permanent or temporary from any incident including but not limited to fire, water, falling trees, wind, hail, theft, personal negligence, acts of God or any portion thereof.